The Education for Life Group was founded in 2017 with the objective to expand access to Montessori education in Córdoba and in turn promote progressive and respectful educational practices. All members signed a statement of educational priorities which states that all efforts and work of The Education for Life Group will support the development of quality Montessori educational programs and a life-long learning community of children and adults. Education for Life Group ensures through robust strategic and financial planning:


The implementation of a strong Montessori school curriculum at Montessori Córdoba International School


· Correct Montessori materials for learning

· Well-equipped classroom

· Highly qualified staff

· Low student/teacher ratio

· Staff retention practices

· Ongoing staff training and development


The creation of a stable and strong educational community


· Sufficient space to accommodate growing school needs

· Sufficient investment for construction of new school buildings

· Sufficient investment for equipping new school buildings

· Financial stability

· Financial support

· Control of growth through planning


Contribution to developing educational practices in the wider educational community


· Grant use of school buildings and facilities to affiliated educational training courses and conferences

· Share resources and knowledge with affiliated educational projects

· Organise events which disseminate Montessori and other progressive and respectful educational practices

· Host and tutor teaching practice students and students from other associated professions

· Organise events which disseminate Montessori and other progressive educational practices

· Participate in the development of other schools around the world through the participation in International Accreditation visits


· Work in coordination with other affiliated educational organisations on projects which support schools' and educators' development towards improved educational practices