Montessori education is based on the belief that children are individuals with their own strengths, needs, interests and learning styles. In this respect the teacher guides each child through the learning process by using materials that fit their specific needs and pace. In each classroom you will find children working on different concepts at the level that challenges them, without becoming frustrating. We believe that when a child is working like this, they are more engaged and focused. This, in turn, leads to a deeper understanding of the concepts that will underpin their forward progression.


In mixed-aged Montessori classrooms children learn content at the most appropriate time for their individual development in 3-year cycles. Although in a Montessori classroom children choose their own activity, their teachers are aware of local skill and knowledge expectations. We must ensure that students have the necessary knowledge to successfully enter the next Montessori level, or another school in the local or international community. We check that all curriculum areas are covered by our students, including those which may not appeal to an individual child’s interests, by using individualised presentations and encouragement in the Early Childhood community, and individualised work plans in the Elementary community. Our students learn quickly, internalise concepts deeply and use knowledge creatively. Here is some interesting information about a Montessori Córdoba education:


  • The students pass through 3 levels: Early Childhood, often known as Children's House, Elementary I and Elementary II.
  • We don’t employ reward and punishment systems or encourage competition between students. 
  • There is no homework in a Montessori school program, apart from projects that children may wish to take home in Elementary level.
  • We carefully prepare the curriculum, activities and projects to be personally meaningful and emotionally compelling.
  • The student: teacher ratio is 13:1
  • Parents recieve detailed reports of their child's activity and progress in class each semester.
  • We evaluate for mastery level by observing and recording children's progress, not with exams.
  • Children do not work from text books, but manipulate high quality educational materials and in Elementary complete projects and written work.
  • Learning is individualised: we provide what each child needs to construct knowledge in each curriculum area when they are developmentally ready.







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